Small business home insurance, cover for contents and building when working from home or running a small business from your house

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Small business home insurance

Many home-based business owners own their own homes, and assume that their home insurance also covers their home-based business activities so home-based business insurance is often overlooked.

In fact, your home-based business activities can void your home insurance!

Home insurance covers people's homes when the home is used as residential accommodation only. So using the house for other purposes, such as running a small business (or even working from home a couple of days a week) that your insurer is not aware of may invalidate your home insurance policy.

The kind of home-based business insurance that you need depends on exactly what kind of home-based business you're operating.

While many home-based business owners rely on their home insurance to cover damage, loss and theft of property, all home-based businesses should have business contents insurance in addition to the home contents and/or property insurance provided by the owner's home insurance.

You only have to look around your home office and make a quick estimate of how much it would cost you to replace the expensive computer equipment, fax machines etc. surrounding you to see why many home insurance policies will not cover business contents.

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